journeying into Doha

Visit Sidra

  1. Ministry of Interior [}MOI{]
    Immigration, Temporary Driving License, e-portals and other useful information can be found on the MOI website link which is at [}Al Khor[}
  2. Qatar Tourism Authority
    The link provides comprehensive information on activities, sight seeing, natural landmarks amongst other things to do in Qatar and useful information for visitors which can be explored at in Qatar [}—–{]Several beaches, parks, stadiums, forts, museums, art galleries and unique towns along with ornate dhows grace Qatar.Forts:
    Sight seeing:

    Natural landmarks: adds to the unique experience
    Dhow tripsĀ  to yacht charters:

    d1[}—-{] dhows and sailing vessels

  3. Doha Bus
    Find out about all about the places you can hop on from and hop off to right here
    Ticket information prices can be found here
  4. NDIA
    The New Doha International Airport is an exciting new airport that awaits Qatar and the World. Check this out right here right now :)) tranquility at Al Zubara Fort-2[}Al Zubara{] fort
  5. Doha Airport
    The current airport at Doha can be visited on with loads of info on car hires, hotels, etc.the ebb and flow of time at the fishing village in Wakra[}Al Wakra{] village
  6. wifi and Telephone
    Stay connected with Vodafone and / or Ooredoo in QatarVodafone:
    Ooredoo: 1the courtyard at the [}MIA{]

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